About Us


CLC is a missionary fellowship of people drawn from many nations, denominations and backgrounds.

All are dedicated to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to the task of introducing others to Him. Their tool is the PRINTED PAGE as well as personal witness.

CLC Philippines is a part of CLC International, an international organisation working in over 50 countries to make the Bible and Christian books available via publishing, wholesale distribution and through our 200 bookshops worldwide. Our deep desire is to see people from all parts of the world discover, understand and apply the message of the Word of God.


CLC was founded in 1941 in Colchester, England by Ken and Bessie Adams. It was founded as the autonomous literature arm of WEC International and eventually became an independent organization serving the world.

Later on, it was found out, that CLC was to be CLC “unlimited”. With clear directions from the Master, missionary fervor, and the strength of God, CLC started moving further outward, reaching South America and the Far East. Thus, in 1957, CLC lit up the Philippines…


Our mission Is to make Evangelical literature and Bible available to all nations, so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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