Youth Martial Arts Ministry
Richard A. Guion

Youth Martial Arts Ministry (Soft Cover)

The goal was to lead them to Jesus Christ and make them His disciples.

  • ISBN: 9789717893143
  • Dimensions: 139 x 206 x 12 mm
  • Weight: 240.000g
  • Binding: Soft Cover
  • Number of pages: 226
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Your Best Destiny
Wintley Phipps

Your Best Destiny (Soft Cover)

Perhaps you sense that your life is missing something. Maybe you just noticed it, or maybe you're lived with a feeling of frustration for years. Whatever led you to this point, you can't help feeling hungry for more - but for what exactly?

  • ISBN: 9789717893297
  • Dimensions: 132 x 208 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 290.000g
  • Binding: Soft Cover
  • Number of pages: 284
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You Are What You Think [Books]
David Stoop, Ph.D.

You Are What You Think (Soft Cover) [Books]

Attitude is what makes the difference between those who succeeded and those who fail. And it’s easy to see in other people.

  • ISBN: 9789717892009
  • Dimensions: 102 x 178 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 130.000g
  • Binding: Soft Cover
  • Number of pages: 196
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CLC Bible Companion
Martin H. Manser

CLC Bible Companion (Hard Cover)

This book is an all-in-one, full color comprehensive reference guide to the Bible, designed to enable teachers, preachers and lay persons alike around the world to understand and communicate the message of the Bible to others effectively.

  • ISBN: 9781936143139
  • Product Code: 10076492
  • Dimensions: 155 x 218 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 1470.000g
  • Binding: Hard Cover
  • Number of pages: 850
  • Release Date: 01.06.2011
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