101 Questions


By: Art A. Ayris

We usually have different questions about faith and Christianity. Now you can find answers in graphic novel format. A must-have for comic collectors.



Product Description:

101 Questions addresses these intriguing questions about the Bible and the Christian faith:

How do we know that God exists?
Where did Cain get his wife?
Why is the resurrection of Jesus important and how can we know that Jesus rose from the dead?
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?
Where was Jesus for the three days between his crucifixion and the resurrection?
What are the signs of the end of the world and will the world end?
What happens to people right after death?
Does the Bible mention aliens or UFOs?
What is the Trinity?
Will there be animals and pets in heaven?
What does the Bible say about cave men?
What does the Bible say about angels?
What does the Bible say about demons?
What does the Bible say about ghosts?
Who were the Nephilim?

About the Author:

Art Ayris is CEO of Kingstone Media Group, publisher of Kingstone Comics and graphic novels.

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