When seeds are planted, they first grow roots. Once, these roots take hold, a small plant will begin to emerge and eventually break through the soil. The seed has sprouted, we say. Seeds are usually fairly small. Some are even tiny. Despite their small size, though, seeds contain food and all the instructions necessary to sprout to life as  plant.

A plant need three things in order to survive. It needs light, food and water. It also has to surpass through several stages before it develop into a matured plant. It has to be nurtured, watered and protected from the harsh elements of nature in order to survive.

CLC Philippines was planted 59 years ago. Our ministry have been rooted in Jesus Christ. We started as a small printing ministry. Only tracts and church materials were produced that time. But after many years, the printing side of CLC has to close down. It is time to refocus our energy to the bookstore ministry. Pruning time. Those times were not easy. Staffs were limited, stocks are few. But we were encouraged to wait on the Lord. We will gain new strength, we will mount up with wings like eagles, we will run and not get tired. We will walk and not become weary.

Our Retail Bookshops are easily located in the following areas: Karuhatan Valenzuela City, Malolos City Bulacan, Naga City, Cebu City and Davao City.

CLC regularly imports books and Bibles from the USA. CLC exports  books to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Italy and Papua New Guinea. Truly, our mission is to make Christian literature available to all nations so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Amazingly, scientists still don’t fully understand what all happens inside of a seed as it comes to life. Exactly how all this works is still a bit of a mystery. Up until now, God amazes us in CLC. In His own sweet time, in His own way…God works in mysterious and beautiful ways. To Him be the glory forever!